Delve deeper into the world of Touchthin by exploring our extensive product page. Each product within our commercial and high-performance glass series represents more than just architectural elements; they embody a commitment to exceptional glass craftsmanship and a testament to our ongoing pursuit of innovation.

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Discover how our glass and mirror solutions can elevate your spaces, providing not just functionality but an aesthetic journey that transcends expectations.

Anti-reflective Glass

It can improve transmittance.High temperature resistance, wear resistance and acid and alkali resistance, not easy to be deformed by heat.

One-way glass

It is a glass with a high reflectivity to visible light.

Ultra thin glass

Ultra-thin glass is a key element for the semiconductor industry.

A screen protector is an additional material—usually polyurethane or laminated glass—that attaches to the screen of an electronic device and protects it from physical damage.

Stained glass, also known as magic glass, is a special optical glass commonly used in architectural decoration.

 ITO coated glass is made by spreading a thin but uniform layer of Indium Tin Oxide over a glass substrate.

A type of glass known as mirrored glass is made from a metallic substance and has a mirror-like appearance.

The reflective nature of a mirror will make a small bathroom or bedroom appear more spacious. Antique mirrors can also be used to open up a narrow hallway. To make the corridor appear more spacious, place a few identical mirrors next to one another along the wall.

The so-called clear float glass means that the raw materials are melted at high temperatures in the furnace, and the molten glass flows continuously from the pool furnace and floats on the relatively dense surface of tin liquid.

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Welcome to Touchthin – Your Premier Glass and Mirror Supplier for Commercial and High-Performance Glass Solutions

Discover Excellence in Glass Products

At Touchthin, we take pride in presenting a meticulously curated selection of commercial and high-performance glass, establishing ourselves as the foremost glass and mirror supplier. We are committed to serving each of our customers well and conducting in-depth research on functional and innovative areas of our products.

Excellence in Commercial Glass

Step into a world where commercial spaces are transformed by the Touchthin commercial glass series. More than just visually appealing, our commercial glass is engineered for unparalleled performance. With a keen focus on durability and precision design, our commercial glass becomes a statement in functionality. From contemporary office spaces to dynamic retail environments, Touchthin commercial glass redefines the essence of architectural aesthetics and practicality. Each pane tells a story of innovation, providing not just transparency but a canvas for shaping inspiring work and shopping spaces.


Why Choose Touchthin Glass?

Choosing Touchthin goes beyond a mere transaction; it’s a commitment to excellence. We transcend the role of a conventional glass and mirror supplier, becoming a trusted partner in your design journey. 

Our product range extends far beyond commercial and high-performance glass, encompassing an array of glass and mirror solutions. 

Whether you seek custom designs for a unique project or require solutions for large-scale endeavors, our robust supply chain network ensures the highest quality and timely delivery, meeting and exceeding your every expectation.

Comprehensive Supply

Touchthin stands out by providing a comprehensive range of glass and mirror products, catering to the diverse needs of your projects.

Tailored Solutions

As your glass and mirror supplier, we pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions that breathe life into your unique design visions.

Exceptional Quality

Our commitment to quality is unwavering, ensuring that each piece of commercial and high-performance glass meets and exceeds industry standards.

Our team

Collaborates with you to understand your specific needs, ensuring that the solutions we provide are not just products but reflections of your creativity.


Whether you’re curious about features, free trials, or just curious, we’re here to answer any questions. Touchthin manufactures industrial glass components in all shapes and sizes and we have extensive experience and manufacturing capabilities.

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