Our anti-reflective glass has AR coating on one or both sides. For single-sided anti-reflective glass, we promise to achieve reflectance <5% and transmittance ≥94.5%. For double-sided anti-reflective glass, we promise that the reflectance is <1%, and the transmittance is >98.5%. The anti-ultraviolet can reach 70%, we can sandwich PVB on the anti-reflective glass, and the anti-ultraviolet can reach 99%. The anti-reflective glass we produce has been widely used in high-end LCD TVs, electronic whiteboards, high-end car dashboard panels, navigators, high-end optical equipment for medical equipment, museums, art galleries, etc. The product has been highly recognized by the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and exported to the United States, Mexico, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.

Thickness Size Transmittance UV protection
Single-side 2 layers Anti-reflection glass (SAR2) 2mm 2440*183092.5% 40%
Single-side 2 layers Anti-reflection glass (SAR2) 3mm 2440*183092.5% 40%
Single-side 2 layers Anti-reflection glass (SAR2) 4mm
2440*183092.5% 40%
Single-side 2 layers Anti-reflection glass (SAR2) 5mm 2440*183092.5% 40%
Single-side 4 layers Anti-reflection glass (SAR 2mm 2440*183094.5% 40%
Single-side 4 layers Anti-reflection glass (SAR 3mm 2440*183094.5% 40%
Single-side 4 layers Anti-reflection glass (SAR 4mm
2440*183094.5% 40%
Single-side 4 layers Anti-reflection glass (SAR 5mm 2440*183094.5% 40%
Single-side 4 layers Anti-reflection glass (SAR 6mm 2440*183094.5% 40%
Two-side 8 layers Anti-reflection glass (DAR) 2mm 2440*183098.5% 45%
Two-side 8 layers Anti-reflection glass (DAR) 3mm 2440*183098.5% 45%
Two-side 8 layers Anti-reflection glass (DAR) 4mm 2440*183098.5% 45%
Two-side 8 layers Anti-reflection glass (DAR) 5mm 2440*183098.5% 45%
Two-side 8 layers Anti-reflection glass (DAR-AntiUV70) 2mm 2440*183098.5% 70%

Anti-reflection glass picture display

Anti-reflection coating glass plays an important role in museums, providing critical support for protecting exhibits and enhancing the visitor experience. The following are several applications of anti-reflection coating glass in museums:

Protect artworks: Artworks in museums usually have high value and are easily affected by natural environment (such as sunlight, rain, dust, etc.) and human factors (such as touch, collision, etc.). Anti-reflection coating glass can effectively reduce these effects, thereby protecting artwork from damage.

Improve the audience experience: The space in the museum is usually relatively large, and the sunlight shining through the glass will form reflections on the ground, which will bring uncomfortable visual experience to the audience. Anti-reflection coating glass can reduce this reflection and improve the comfort of visitors in the museum.

Prevent light damage: The lights in museums are usually bright, and high-brightness lights are easy to cause damage to exhibits. Anti-reflection coating glass can reduce the probability of light directly shining on the exhibits, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the exhibits.

Provide better viewing conditions: Anti-reflection coating glass can make the light more evenly shine on the exhibits, providing better viewing conditions

We have the largest vertical vacuum coating production line to produce anti-reflective glass, which is molded at one time without falling dust, and the whole line adopts electronic-grade transmission materials and clean room operation. There is no scratch on the glass surface, no dust falling, and the adhesion of the film layer is also very strong. It can create interfaces between optical components that interfere with light waves coming from the glass. By reducing image distortion, users can enjoy clearer, more accurate images and electronic screens.

Anti-reflection glass
Advantages: high light transmittance and low reflectivity. Useful for reducing ghosting and unwanted reflections.
The maximum production size of our glass is 2440*1830mm
Material thickness ranging from 2mm to 6mm, other thickness specifications can be customized

The role of anti-reflective glass on picture frames is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Anti-reflective glass
Anti-reflective glass

Improve picture quality: Anti-reflective glass has excellent anti-glare properties, which can effectively reduce indoor and outdoor light interference, making the picture clearer and more vivid.

Protect eyes: Anti-reflective glass can effectively reduce glare irritation to the eyes, reduce eye fatigue, and protect vision.

Increase the sense of space: Due to the high transparency of anti-reflective glass, it can effectively enhance the transmission effect of natural light outside the frame through the frame, making the picture more realistic and three-dimensional.

Rich visual effects: Specially treated anti-reflective glass can also achieve refraction and reflection similar to crystal effects, improving the visual effects.

Welcome to Touchthin - Unveiling Brilliance with Anti-Reflective Glass

Discover a new dimension of clarity and aesthetics with Touchthin’s Anti-Reflective Glass. As a leader in innovative glass solutions, we bring you a product that goes beyond transparency, creating an immersive visual experience. Let’s delve into the world of anti-reflective glass coating and explore why it stands at the forefront of cutting-edge glass technology.

Anti Reflection Coating Glass Unveiled

Anti Reflective UV Glass

Engineered for versatility, our Anti-Reflection Coating Glass finds its place in various settings. From high-tech displays and museum showcases to architectural marvels, this glass is a beacon of sophistication. Its exceptional durability ensures longevity, maintaining the pristine clarity that sets it apart.

At Touchthin, our Anti-Reflection Coating Glass stands as a testament to our commitment to redefine transparency. With this revolutionary glass, we’ve transcended traditional limitations to offer a solution that minimizes reflections and enhances visual clarity. The anti-reflection coating, expertly applied, transforms surfaces into canvases of pure transparency, allowing unobstructed views and vibrant colors to shine through.

museum Anti-Reflective Glass

Beyond aesthetics, this glass offers practical benefits. Its anti-reflective properties reduce eye strain in display applications, making it perfect for digital screens and electronic devices. The coating also repels dirt and minimizes maintenance efforts, ensuring that your surfaces remain crystal clear.

Touchthin’s Anti-Reflective Glass is more than just a visual upgrade; it’s a marvel of modern glass engineering. The meticulous application of anti-reflective coating minimizes glare and reflections, making it ideal for environments where clear visibility is paramount. Whether you’re designing a state-of-the-art exhibit or envisioning a sleek architectural masterpiece, our anti-reflective glass transforms spaces, providing an unobstructed view of the world.

The Marvel of Anti-Reflective Glass

Innovation in Anti-Reflective Glass Coating

In high-traffic areas where uninterrupted views are crucial, our anti-reflective glass coating excels. Whether it’s a bustling museum, a corporate showcase, or a retail display, the coating ensures that your content takes center stage.

Touchthin’s innovation extends to the very heart of anti-reflective glass technology. Our Anti-Reflective Glass Coating takes the viewing experience to a whole new level. Crafted with precision, this coating diminishes reflections to an unprecedented degree. It not only enhances visual appeal but also allows natural light to penetrate without hindrance, creating spaces that are not just seen but experienced.

museum Anti-Reflective Glass

Why Choose Touchthin's Anti-Reflective Glass?

Experience the brilliance of Touchthin’s Anti-Reflective Glass Coating. Each detail is crafted to elevate your visual experience, providing not just glass but a canvas for clarity in every application.

Unmatched Transparency

Our Anti-Reflective Glass offers unparalleled transparency, ensuring that your views remain unobstructed and vibrant.

Durable Clarity

Engineered for longevity, this glass maintains its clarity over time, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

Practical Advantages

Beyond aesthetics, the anti-reflective properties reduce glare and eye strain, enhancing the practicality of this innovative glass solution.