What is float glass?

The so-called clear float glass means that the raw materials are melted at high temperatures in the furnace, and the molten glass flows continuously from the pool furnace and floats on the relatively dense surface of tin liquid. Under the action of gravity and surface tension, the glass liquid is on the tin liquid’s surface. Spread, flatten, form the upper and lower surfaces flat, harden, cool, and then lead to the transition roller table. The drum of the roller table rotates, and the glass ribbon is pulled out of the tin bath and into the annealing kiln. After annealing and cutting, the clear float glass is formed.

float glass
float glass

Characteristics of float glass

Float glass is flat glass produced by float molding. Clear float glass has wide application. Clear float glass has the characteristics of strong optical properties, good decorative properties, and hardness and smoothness.                                                                                                              1. Clear float glass has strong optical properties. Due to the relatively good uniformity of thickness, the transparency of its products is also relatively strong, because the tin surface is relatively smooth after treatment, and under the action of surface tension, a surface is formed that is relatively neat, has relatively good flatness, and has relatively strong optical properties of glass.                                                                        2. Clear float glass has good decorative properties. Float glass has the characteristics of good transparency, brightness, purity, bright indoor light, broad field of view, and is also the best choice material for building doors, windows, and natural lighting. It is extremely versatile. one of the building materials.                                                                                3. Clear float glass is hard and smooth. The production process of clear float glass is different from that of ordinary glass. It has the characteristics of a hard, smooth, and flat surface. The color of clear float glass is different from ordinary glass when viewed from the side. It is whitish and the object is not distorted after reflection, but generally, there is no water-like deformation.

In addition, due to the better uniformity of thickness, the transparency of its products is also relatively strong, and it is precisely because of this transparency that it has a wider field of vision, and the wide field of vision allows clear float glass to be used in many fields.

Float Glass Colors

Clear float glass is widely used and is divided into tinted glass, float silver mirror, float glass/car windshield grade, float glass/all kinds of deep processing grade, float glass/instrument grade, float glass/coating grade, float glass French glass/mirror grade. Among them, clear float glass has a wide range of uses and broad market prospects. It is mainly used in the fields of high-end buildings, high-end glass processing and solar photovoltaic curtain walls, as well as high-end glass furniture, decorative glass, imitation crystal products, lighting glass, precision electronics industries, special buildings, etc. Therefore, clear float glass still has many uses, and it can be said to be a relatively mainstream new technology product now.

Float GlassThicknessSize
Float Glass3mm2440*1830
Float Glass4mm2440*1830
Float Glass5mm2440*1830
Float Glass6mm2440*1830
Float Glass8mm2440*3660
Float Glass10mm2440*3660
Float Glass12mm2440*3660