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Touchthin provides the world’s highest quality double-sided coated and double-sided shadow-removing ITO conductive glass. This type of glass is commonly used in a variety of applications, such as smartphones, tablets, and flat-panel displays. Our ITO conductive glass is coated with an indium tin oxide film. The thinner the film, the greater the resistance. Car displays generally use 10-12Ω, but low resistance cannot achieve light transmittance, so we can also make neutral colors, according to customers It is required to adjust the L value, a value, and b value. The more positive the a value, the redder the color, the more negative the color, the greener. The more positive the b value, the more yellow the color, and the more negative the color, the bluer.


Touchthin is an ITO glass supplier using vacuum magnetron sputtering technology. This type of glass is commonly used in various applications, such as smartphones, tablets, and flat-panel displays. It has high electrical conductivity and low surface resistance. In order to create an ITO coating between the film layers, the process involves etching a film between the layers. This process results in a reduction in the reflectivity of the ITO glass, which makes it ideal for making flexible and flat-panel displays. After the etching process, the lines of ITO are completely eliminated to achieve the best possible visual effect.Our ITO conductive glass is composed of niobium pentoxide, silicon dioxide, fumed tin oxide. Indium tin oxide is a ternary material that has various properties, such as low surface resistance and high transmittance. It is widely used in the production of optoelectronic devices. Due to its high transmittance and low surface resistance, it is commonly used in multiple applications.In order to make ITO coating on a glass sheet, the process involves vacuum magnetron sputtering at a temperature of around 300 degrees Celsius. This method is carried out on a single side surface, where the conductive portion is located.

About ITO

ITO conductive glass is made by using the world’s leading magnetron coating technology on a high-quality ultra-thin electronic glass substrate produced by Touchthin, and is coated with indium tin oxide with a film thickness of only tens of nanometers. It has both high transmittance and extremely high Strong electrical conductivity. IM is to coat a layer of extinction film (INDEX MARGIN layer) between the ITO film layer and the glass, so that after the ITO glass is etched to make the capacitive screen circuit, the reflectivity ΔR before and after etching is less than 0.5%, which greatly reduces the ITO area. Visual contrast with non-ITO areas. The double-sided coating and double-sided shadow-eliminating ITO coated glass produced by Touchthin can completely eliminate the etched lines of the ITO capacitive screen under normal light, achieving the best visual effect. It is currently the best quality and thinnest double-sided coated and double-sided shadow-removing ITO conductive glass in the world. It mainly supplies thicknesses of 0.25mm~1.1mm and the maximum size of a single piece (1300*1100mm).
Mainly used for: mobile phones, tablets, LCD TVs, high-end automotive LCD displays, industrial controls, etc., healthy body fat scales, high-end smart driving recorders, high-end smart watches and other touch screen displays;

ITO glass is a kind of conductive glass that can be used to make solar cells, capacitive touch screens, and functional chips. Touchthin’s ITO coated glass can be made with either high resistance or low resistance (10Ω-12Ω). Can be customized according to customer needs. At present, our conventional resistors are 80Ω-120Ω.

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