Mirrored Glass

Mirrored display glass, also called mirrored display mirror, mirrored imaging mirror, mirrored TV glass, etc. Mirrored display glass can change different display devices into mirror display devices as needed. The mirrored glass itself has the characteristics of high reflectivity and strong transmittance. The mirrored display glass is an optical lens made for mirror display equipment. It consists of glass and display equipment. When the display device is turned on, the image can be displayed through the light source of the display device.

Mirror display glass is an optical lens produced for mirror display devices. Mirror display glass is composed of glass and display devices. When the display device is closed, the glass can hide the display system and present a mirror effect to the outside. When the device is turned on, the light source can pass through the glass, and images and animations can be clearly displayed on the glass.

 Mirror display glass can be applied to the surface of different display systems such as digital tube display, mobile phone screens, computer display screens, TV screens, LED, smart mirrors, electronic screens and LCD monitors, smart homes, and electronic teaching aids. electronic paper and electronic ink, liquid crystal displays, light-emitting semiconductor displays, etc. to achieve mirror display effects.

The mirror display can combine the mirror with a high-definition display, even if it is installed in the bathroom, it is a waterproof and anti-fog smart mirror.

The factory of TOUCHTHIN GLASS can provide customized mirrored display glasses that are suitable for different applications. The mirrored glass can also be customized to different cold and warm color mirrors based on the skin color and culture of the customers.


Mirrored display glass has outstanding high light transmittance, no discoloration, and restores the true color characteristics of the screen. This is largely due to the application of the latest nano-magnetron sputtering coating technology.

It also has the characteristics of high reflectivity and clear reflection, which greatly improves the reflectivity and reflection clarity; it also has an inner coating and an outer layer with high hardness, making the glass easier to install and repair. Maintenance saves costs and effectively extends service life.

In addition, mirrored glass has various characteristics.               Waterproof: Since the display screen is in the inner layer of the mirror, the mirror display glass at this time is waterproof and can be controlled and used at will.                                                                                  Beautiful: The frame of the common display is changed, and a frameless display is truly realized.                                                                     Smart glass: changing ordinary glass into a new type of glass that can be used on a touch screen.                                                                             Eyesight protection: Mirrored display glass also has the function of anti-ultraviolet and filtering blue light, which can better protect eyesight.

Our company’s mirrored glass has been widely recognized by various companies, such as Foxconn, Baidu, and FITUR. The mirrored glass has also been exported to Canada and the US.

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