Glass is an item that we often come into contact with and use in our daily lives. From daily necessities such as glass to building decoration materials such as glass curtain walls, glass has made huge contributions to the development of world civilization. For example, the photovoltaic power generation glass we often hear is often used in the manufacture of solar cells with outstanding performance. Next, we briefly introduce what material photovoltaic power generation glass is, and explain what solar photovoltaic glass is.

It is widely used in many fields such as building curtain wall, photovoltaic roof, sunshade, solar power generation system and so on. The installation form can be installed with exposed frame type, hidden frame type or with various profiles of the curtain wall.


Solar Glass

What is solar photovoltaic glass? Solar photovoltaic glass is a specialty glass laminated into solar cells that harness solar radiation to generate electricity, with associated current extraction devices and cables. It consists of low-iron glass, solar cells, thin films, backsheet glass and special metal wires. The solar cells are sealed with a thin film between a piece of low-iron glass and a piece of backsheet glass. It is a new type of high-tech architectural glass product. The solar cells are covered with low-iron glass to ensure high transmittance of sunlight. Tempered low-iron glass also has greater resistance to wind pressure and the ability to withstand large temperature differences between day and night.


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Ultra clear rolled glass

Product Specifications

AR Coating glass ThicknessSizeTransmittance
AR Coating glass 2mm2272*1128>93.8%
AR Coating glass 2mm2378*1279>93.8%
AR Coating glass 2mm1716*1128>93.8%

The surface pattern makes the glass diffuse the incident light, which can help to increase the absorption of the incident light by the solar cell and obtain higher photoelectric conversion efficiency.