Stained glass: make your space instantly glow

In our daily life, glass, as a common building material, is widely used on various occasions. However, have you ever thought that glass can also become dazzling and add a pop of color to your space? Today, we will take you into the world of stained glass and explore its charm.


About Stained glass


Stained glass, also known as dichroic/Stained coated glass, is often used for architectural decoration and is a new type of art decorative glass. This kind of glass is mainly made of ultra-white glass original sheets and is coated with color on its surface. Stained glass film or 3M stained glass film is usually sandwiched between the glass, compressed by a hot press to expel as much air as possible in the middle, and then placed in a high-pressure steam machine to remove a small amount of residual air. Dissolved in the film to create high temperature and pressure to achieve the color-changing effect. It can display different colors according to different light conditions and viewing angles, thereby creating Stained visual effects. In addition, it can also be made into various types such as tempered, laminated, or hollow through the lamination process. It is not only decorative but also practical and is widely used in construction, home furnishings, art, and other fields.


Characteristics of Stained glass


Aesthetics: With its unique optical properties, stained glass can show stained color changes under different light angles, from orange, green, blue, and red to yellow. The rich color levels give the space a flexible and dreamy art. Designers can flexibly use it according to the individual needs of customers and the overall style of interior design to create a modern and creative space effect, which greatly enhances the aesthetic value of indoor and outdoor decoration.


Privacy protection: Due to their special film structure or interlayer technology, some stained glass products can provide varying degrees of visual shielding functions while ensuring sufficient natural lighting. From a specific viewing angle, outsiders cannot see through the indoor situation, thereby achieving good privacy protection and creating a bright and private environment for residents or commercial space users.

Stability and durability: Stained glass uses high-quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing technology, giving it excellent hardness and scratch resistance. The surface treated with a special metal oxide film not only enhances the wear resistance and weather resistance of the glass itself but also has excellent chemical stability. It can maintain long-lasting bright color and shape even if it is exposed to changes in the external environment for a long time. Greatly exceeds the service life of traditional glass.

Safety: As an important part of modern building curtain walls, doors, and windows, it meets strict building material safety standards. It can further enhance safety through processing methods such as tempering, sandwiching, or hollowing to enhance its impact resistance and effectively prevent fragments from flying and injuring people when they break.

Energy saving and environmental protection: In addition to its aesthetic characteristics, stained glass also has good energy-saving properties. Some of these high-end products use special coating processes to efficiently filter ultraviolet and infrared rays in sunlight, reduce harmful radiation from entering the room, and at the same time inhibit heat transfer, help maintain an indoor constant temperature, reduce air conditioning energy consumption, and embody the concept of green and environmentally friendly building materials. , is an ideal choice for modern architecture to pursue sustainable development.


Development Trend of Stained Glass


With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people’s aesthetic concepts, stained glass is constantly innovating in the development process. On the one hand, the production technology of stained glass is becoming increasingly mature, making the products more Stained and with more exquisite patterns; on the other hand, it has also made significant progress in terms of functionality, such as sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-fog, and other properties. The improvement satisfies modern people’s pursuit of a high-quality life.

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