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Stained glass

Stained glass is a kind of coated glass commonly used in the field of architectural decoration, and its color decoration effect is very obvious.


Stained glass is a new type of art decorative glass with a magical color-changing effect. It is made by using the original piece of ultra-white glass to process and coat the surface with color and sandwich the stained glass film and 3M colorful glass film between the glass.

Stained glass is a color that can change into five colors according to the angle of the direct sunlight and the position of the observer: orange, green, blue, red, and yellow.

Stained glass composed of multiple elements such as light and color can change its appearance under different lighting conditions, presenting a colorful scene. This kind of protective material is beautiful and ornamental.

The magical color-changing effect of stained glass has made it an ideal new environmentally friendly building material that is contemporary, luxurious, elegant, and beautiful in the field of high-end interior decoration, doors, windows, and curtain walls. Stained glass can also be made into tempered, laminated, and hollow, so that it can have multiple functions, such as safety, heat preservation, and looming effects. In different fields, designers can freely use their own artistic beauty to design a newer, more beautiful, and more contemporary, colorful world.


The advantages of stained glass are:

1. Stained glass has impressive colorful effects (yellow-blue, green-purple, orange-blue, blue-gold, green-pink, etc.);

2. The production process of stained glass adopts advanced processing art and offline coating technology, which can process larger sizes and the processing size is flexible to meet customer needs to the greatest extent;

3. The complete stained glass coating surface has the same color and tone as the glass surface, and has the same colorful effect whether indoors or outdoors;

4. It has an artistic sense and the colorful appearance is impressive. Stained glass combined with architectural design can give the building a high artistic appreciation;

5. Stability, clear stained glass has strong hardness, scratch resistance, and excellent chemical stability.

The colorful stained glass is minimalist but not simple. It is not only a household elf dancing with light and shadow, but also an artistic sophistication in a modern fashion style. It is a very expressive spatial element in modern home decoration. With the continuous development of glass technology and craftsmanship, clear stained glass has won the favor of many consumers with its transparent texture, flexible spatial performance, and ever-changing appearance, and has become the new favorite of fashionable home decoration. As a stained glass manufacturer, Touchthin can supply the service of customizing the stained glass.

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